Non-wood forest products: Wild rose (Rosa canina L.)


  • Tugce Baloğlu Ertaş Isparta Uygulamalı Bilimler Üniversitesi



Rosa canina, Rrose hip, Economy, Breeding


This study was carried out on Wild rose (Rosa canina L.), which is a non-wood forest product class that has a wide distribution area in the world and in Turkey and has sociocultural and economic value in our country's forestry. The fruits of this species, which grow naturally in our country, have wide usage areas in different industrial sectors. Due to the presence of many vitamins and minerals in its fruits, it is used as an alternative medicine in the treatment of different diseases. In a study conducted on the rosehip species, wide inter-individual differences were detected in terms of fruit characteristics. Due to the increasing need to benefit from forests in many ways other than wood raw materials, and the wide usage area and economic importance of the Rosehip species subject to the study, the demand for the species and its cultivation practices are also increasing. Within the scope of this article, the sociocultural importance and economic value of the species have been tried to be examined in the light of the relevant literature.


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Baloğlu Ertaş, T. (2023). Non-wood forest products: Wild rose (Rosa canina L.) . Theoretical and Applied Forestry, 3(1), 9–13.