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Interior architecture is a multidimensional field of expertise that focuses on the interior design of the built environment as well as the space that has the potential to be defined. The field aims to present 'design' by creating the most appropriate solutions based on the user's 'anthropometric', 'sensory', and 'perceptual-mental' dimensions, besides the functional, structural, and aesthetic criteria.
Interior architecture subjects/issues became institutionalized in the United States in the early 1900s in the field of industry and education. In a short period of time, this formation, which includes fine arts at its core, has become a multidimensional profession accepted in a significant part of the world. Although the profession was previously structured as a special field developed with a focus on architecture, it now retains its unique professional structuring in a dynamic and massive phenomenon. The profession of Interior Architecture continues its development with expansions in subjects such as 'design', 'theory', 'environmental psychology', 'conservation - renovation', 'history', 'material', 'structure', 'physical environment control' and 'education'. Eventually, it has become a 'basic science field'.
As Interior Architecture is relatively new, it is natural that there is a shortage of written documentation and resources. To support the development of the field of interior architecture, it is inevitable to deal with and examine all its dimensions as well as to present concrete documentation by making future projections. With this awareness and sense of responsibility, we intend to compile research on the aforementioned subjects in the field of Interior Architecture in the first of a book series. This book study will establish a new platform by shedding new light on the field of ‘Interior Architecture’ through the publication of the works of expert researchers in the field as well as academic staff members from the ‘Interior Architecture Department’, ‘Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department’ and related departments.
You can contribute your insightful research from related academic field of ‘research’, ‘compilations’, and ‘graduate theses’ to the scientific community.
We would be honored/delighted to include your contributions to this book study.
Prof. Dr. Kağan GÜNÇE
Book Editor
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The book titled Interior Architecture Issues - I will be published as an e-book by International Livre de Lyon Publishing House. The book will be open access.
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 Book Chapters will be accepted as English Text (The text will be at least 15, max. 25 pages – approximately 6000-10000 words)
 The similarity rate, excluding the bibliography, should be below 25%.
 Book Chapter Writing Template is available on our website. The section should be prepared according to this format.
 If the Editorial Processes of each Book Chapter are completed early, they may be published earlier.
 The fee for the book chapter is 750 TL.